Cattle Diseases

Cattle Diseases

This section deals with the specific conditions affecting cattle. Each disease or condition chapter includes information covering causes, symptoms, treatment, control, prevention, welfare implications and good practice based on current knowledge, with a particular emphasis on our sustainable livestock principles (available in the top right hand corner of the website).

It should be emphasized that the website is not intended as a diagnostic or self-help tool for animal health management on the farm. Diagnosis should always be carried out by a veterinarian, in response to problems seen on the farm (please see Disclaimer). We also encourage farmers to work with a veterinarian to establish preventive disease management plans and welfare promotion strategies.

The disease section contains over 2,000 scientific references, most of which are supported by links that allow easy access to abstracts and documents.

Farming from a global perspective

The world land area dedicated to agriculture is 38.5%
Cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats make up 13% of the world’s livestock

Source FAO Stats

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